Wild Mummy Slot Game Review

Slot is pretty popular casino game which will be chosen by many people who visits the casino. The main reason which makes people wants to go to the casino it because they want to get the entertainment which is offered with the opportunity for winning large amount of money. When people are talking about entertainment, many of them will consider about the entertainment which will not give them stress or frustration because of the strategy which should be used for winning the game. In this circumstance, people can ensure that the slot game must be the casino game which is suitable the most with this purpose.

Wild Mummy Slot Game Review

One thing for sure, nowadays people are offered with the fun of slot machine which is offered online. The variations of online slot game are varied. People are able to find the slot game with different themes according to their interest or liking. Some people are looking for the online slot game which comes with different and unique theme. It is sure that people will not find many slot games which come with mummy theme. In this circumstance, Wild Mummy surely can be the answer of the slot game which is different and unique people are looking for.


What will people imagine when people think about the slot game which comes with mummy theme. Of course they will imagine the journey to the Ancient Egypt because the mummy is originated from this place. Of course people are able to find other slot games which come with the mummy theme but we can make sure that there is special offer which can be found from the Wild Mummy slot game. This game is pretty similar to the game which comes with similar theme. This is the slot game which comes with the cartoonist atmosphere. One thing for sure, people will not find the scary atmosphere which can be found in common mummy movies. The total atmosphere of the game is basically cheering up anyone who plays the game. Five reels can be found from the slot game. It comes with the pay lines with 20 options. This game can really represent the mummy theme since the backdrop of the game is the tomb entrance. The seated pharaoh who guards the entrance will not fail to give the ancient Egypt feel in the game. People must not forget about the palm trees and sand with the setting sun behind it. The lower value symbol comes in A, K, Q, J, and 10. The higher valued symbols are related to the theme of the game including lion, bird, servant, and snake in the hieroglyphs form. The head of grinning Sphinx becomes the scatter while the Mummy becomes the wild. The bonus symbol comes in pyramid form.


The symbol with the highest value can be found from the Mummy. If people can land this symbol, their line will be multiplied 5,000 times for five in the pay line which is active. However, people can get the doubled payout if the Mummy comes in winning combo. The scatter comes in pyramid symbol. People will be able to trigger the free spins bonus if they can land at least three of the pyramid symbol. Once they see six torches, they have to choose one of the torches which will determine the free spins number. Next, they have to choose one from the six available hieroglyphs so they can get the multiplier options. Besides the beautiful and suitable design of the game, the atmosphere of the slot game will be built with the sound effects. However, people will only get noises which are not attractive at all from this slot game.

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