Sic Bo Online Game Reviews

Sic Bo online game is one of popular games in online casino. For your information, this game is known as tai sai, dai siu, or hilo. Meanwhile in English, you will find big and small version. This game offers you unequal chances. You will play three dices with Chinese motives. Do you know what Sic Bo means in English?

Sic Bo name means precious dices where you will find small and big type of benefits by playing them. This game is actually popular enough in Asia. There a lot of people play this game widely in Macau. But, today, you can play it online.

If you want to know the reviews of this game, you can keep reading below. Here are some reviews about Sic Bo online game.

Sic Bo Online Game Reviews

On this game, you will place your bets on certain areas of your table. After that, the dealer will pick up the small chest that contains dices. He will close and shake the dices. Then, he will open the chest in order to reveal the combination of dices.

Besides that, this game is actually one of casino games that use the dices. The other types of dices game being craps because Sic Bo offers you the strict game play. Every roll of the dice you do will show the winner or loser of any bet. Meanwhile in craps types, some bets will require the certain rolls of dice before they win or lose the bets. It will be encouraging strategy.

There are some types of bets you will find on this game. Check reading below. Here are some types of bets you will find on Sic Bo.

  1. Big Bet

On this type, you will find the total score about 11 till 17 with the triple exception.

  1. Small Bet

The small type of Sic Bo provides you the total score from 4 to 10. There will be also triple exception you will find.

  1. Odd Bet

Do you know the odd type of Sic Bo? This type offers you the total score that will be the odd number with triple exception too.

  1. Even Bet

In this even type, you will find even number as the total score. It also has triple exception.

  1. Alls or Specific Triples Bet

Specific triples have the specific numbers that will appear on those three dices. You will find them appear on your Sic Bo table.

  1. Specific Doubles Bet

In the specific doubles you may get the specific numbers appears on two or three dices.

  1. Dice Combinations Type

The next option of your betting is dice combinations. As its name suggests, in this type you will find two dices show the specific combination of 2 different numbers.

  1. Single Dice Bet Type

Besides combinations of dice, you will also get single dice for betting. You will find specific numbers such as 1 till 6. Those numbers will appear at 1, 2, or 3 dices.

  1. 4 Number Combinations

This is the type of bet where you will find any 3 of the specific numbers will appear. There will be also the following combinations.

  1. 3 Single Number Combination

3 single number combinations will offer you the specific combination of 3 different numbers. They will be shown from the dice.

  1. Specific Double Bet and Single Number Combination

The last type of bet you can have is specific double bet and single number combination. This type will let two dice shows the specific double numbers. After that, the third one will show the specific different numbers.

So, those are all some options of betting you will find in this Sic Bo online game.

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