Serengeti Diamonds Slot Game Review

Serengeti is not kind of strange name if people are familiar with the famous tourism destination in the world. It is the national park which can be found in Tanzania and Kenya. Of course anytime people hear Serengeti, they will imagine about the safari trip in the wild nature of Africa. It must be great if people are able to experience the safari trip directly so they can be closer with the wildlife in Africa. Nevertheless, there are many people who do not have enough time and money for taking the Safari trip.

Serengeti Diamonds Slot Game Review

There is no need to worry because people can find various kinds of game which can bring them to experience the adventure in Serengeti National Park including e-games trusted Serengeti Diamonds slot game. There is no question that this slot betting game can be a great choice for anyone who wants to experience the atmosphere of African safari and play the slot game at the same time. It is sure that there are many people who make slot game as their favorite casino game because it is fun and easy slot gambling games. There is no need to think hardly about the strategy for winning the game because the winning is all about luck.slot


People will not be bored when they play the slot game online because various kinds of game which come with different themes can be found including Serengeti Diamonds slot game. If people are bored with the standard type of slot game, they just need to play this slot game so they are able to experience the game with different atmosphere. This is the game when people can play slot game while seeing the animals which can be found often in Tanzania and Kenya. People will ask about the diamonds in this place but people do not really care if there is diamond can be found in Serengeti. The game comes with the view of Mount Kilimanjaro, jewels, as well as animals. This is the slot game which comes with five reels. The game has pay lines with twenty five options. The lower valued symbols are represented with the playing cards. Of course the symbol with higher value is represented with something suitable with the theme. The symbols include the elephant, lion, mud hut, tribal mask, as well as decorated jug. Diamond which has glittering look with huge size becomes the symbol of scatter. If people find the Mountain View with big red ‘wild’ letter, it means that they get the wild.


People maybe will expect a lot of bonus when playing the online slot game. However, people will only find one bonus when they are playing Serengeti Diamonds slot game. Although people can only find one bonus game, it is still great because the bonus game can last pretty long enough time. For playing the bonus game, people have to land 2-4 symbols of diamond as the scatter on the reels which are adjacent from the left to the right. The reels with those diamonds will be frozen on their place and people will get the opportunity for spinning more for another diamond. If people are successful with the next effort, they can pursue further for landing the next diamond. If people are able to get all diamonds, they will be given with the chance for choosing two of them which will show the free spins number which they can do as well as the multiplier. If people think that they are not satisfied with their achievement, they can have more so they can get better result. The bonus can be retriggered from within the opportunity for doing free spins. This is the opportunity which must be interesting although there is only one bonus available in the game.

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