Online 4D Lottery Gambling

Online 4D Lottery Gambling
Online 4D Lottery Gambling

Online 4D Lottery Gambling – 4D Lottery or Four Digits Lottery is a popular lotto online gambling game in Singapore, Malaysia and some other countries in Asia. The rule of this game is very simple; every player should choose any number in the range of 0000 – 9999. In each time, there are 23 winning numbers to draw. A player will win the prize in the gambling game when one of the numbers bought is a match. The winning numbers are gotten from the draw conducted. 4D lottery is a game with fixed odds.

Online 4D Lottery Gambling

Online 4D Lottery Gambling

Online 4D Lottery Gambling

This gambling game belongs to one of the legalized games in Malaysia and every operator should have the license to hold the gambling game. The first legalized operator in the country is Magnum 4D. There are many more operators that follow the legalizations. In united States and Canada, 4D lottery is known as Pick 4.


According to the evidence throughout the gambling trial in 1956’s Singapore court, the origin of 4D game was believed in Kedah since 1951. At the time, a boy offered his bicycle for $1 tickets as many as 100 pieces. Every ticket allowed two digits. Someone who has a ticket with match two last digits will be the winner in the Malaysian Turf Club lottery. That was the beginning of 2D lottery that became 3D and then 4D, the very popular betting games in Singapore and Malaysia since the 1950s.

The first 4D draw was introduced in the Singapore Turf Club in May 1966. It offered the first prize as much as Singapore $2,000 for one $1 ticket. The offer was stopped in May 2004 after Singapore Pools; the sister company took all of the draws over.

On 31 May 1986, the 4D betting was launched by Singapore Pools in computer base. It had off to a fortunate start in the time of winning number for the first reward in the opening draw made to be 8838. In Chinese belief, 8 has the similar sound with fa that meant Prosper; that is why the number is most chosen by the punters. The 4D betting game was increasingly popular and developed up to 215% and made over S$283 million.

The Playing Methods of 4D Lottery

The regular entry for 4D lottery should refer to specific number. For instance: 2345. 4D Roll is played with the changing of one number in the four digits with R, for example, R345, 2R45, 23R5, and 234R. The letter R represents any number from 0-9. The number that can be changed with R is only one digit, for instance, if you purchase R345, then you actually purchase 10 ordinary entries such as 0345, 1345, 2345,… 9345. The system entry is all possible 4D number permutations of betting, for instance, the number 2345 has 24 permutations (2345, 3245, 4235,…). If the price of system entry bet is from $1, it belongs to iBet, nevertheless of the permutations number. Meanwhile, the quick pick is a random number bet done by a computer.

The 4D Lottery Providers

The 4D lottery online betting game is available in a different variant in Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, the game is held by Singapore Pools every Wednesday, Sunday and Saturday night. Every participant should be 18 years old or more. In Malaysia, there are three private providers such as Da Ma Cai, Sports Toto, and Magnum 4D that opens the services on the same days. All of the providers have operated the betting game with computer bases and great management of the betting house. Besides the land-based 4D lottery providers, the players also can join the betting game online. There are many providers that provide 4D lottery betting games on the internet.

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