E-Games Review: Joker Poker

 Joker Poker is a video poker game. It uses 53 cards instead of 52 cards like any kind of Poker games. One card addition is Joker, as the wild card that will give a complete winning hand. If you get Joker then you can get multiple winning combo which means you will get more coins to your accounts.

E-Games Review: Joker Poker

First thing you have to do is placing the bet. The maximum coins you can bet is 5 coins. After you placed the bet, click the Deal button. Then you will get 5 cards dealt out in front of you. Among 5 cards you get, choose the cards with most possible winning. Click Deal button once more to get more cards dealt out. In the end you will get coin rewards according to pay-table. One tips to get higher winning chance, keep the cards that will give you higher winning combination. For example if you have three hearts, one diamond and one spade then you better keep the hearts because there is a chance you can get the flush from them.

Joker Poker Double

This game is additional game when you already win the previous game. You will get the chance to double up your winning bet. So this is the kind of game where it challenges you to take the risk as a gambler. The dealer will show one card dealt up. Then you will choose one card among four hands at your hands that you think it can beat the dealer’s card. If you win you can get coins twice of your won. If you do not want to take a risk, then click Collect button to claim the winning. While Half Double option is the chance to join the game with half amount won as the bet.

Joker Poker Pay-table

You will get your payout based on your winning hand and how much coins you bet. The left column is dedicated for one betting coin, the right column for the maximum betting coins (5 coins). This is how to read the pay-table. If you bet maximum coins with 10000IDR and you get winning with Flush, you win 25 coins. 25 X 10000 = 250000IDR.

Rules of Hand

Pair of Kings: you should have at least pair of King or pair of Aces for winning hand.

Two Pair: You should have two pair of card like 5-5 or 10-10 for winning hand.

Three of a Kind: You should have three the same cards like A-A-A or K-K-K for winning hand.

Straight: You should have a sequence of cards in order like 3-4-5-6-7 for winning hand.

Flush: You should have a sequence of cards with the same type for example 3-4-5-6-7 all in spades.

Full house: You should have combination of three of a kind and two pair for example A-A-A and 5-5

Four of a Kind: You should have four same cards with the same value like K-K-K-K

Straight Flush: You should have straight hand with the same type for example 3-4-5-6-7 all in hearts.

5 of a Kind: You should have four of a Kind plus Joker as wildcard.

Natural Royal Flush: You should have high straight with the same type for example 10-J-Q-K-A all in hearts

Joker Royal Flush: You should have royal flush with Joker as wildcard.


Joker Poker is fun game to play. There is no slotted time at each game, so you can play freely as you want. You can play as quickly as you want or you can take time as long as you want. If you want to get amount of money with no pressure and still fun, why don’t you play Joker Poker? You can find Joker Poker online in many live poker online websites. With only small bet, you still have high opportunities to stack up your money on your account.

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