E-Games Review: Caribbean Poker

This game is perfect for you who love card table game and addict to gamble. Caribbean poker is similar with ordinary poker game with the same elements. However you do not play against other players, you play against the house. On real casino, the bluffs which are necessary in poker game will useless in this Caribbean poker game. While online, it does not matter whether you have poker face or not. What really matter is if you dare to bet the highest with the cards in your hand.

E-Games Review: Caribbean Poker

The first time you login to play this game, you will see the panel options of minimum and maximum wagers. Then you will see the chips in the screen. You will use this chips every time you want to bet. First thing you have to do is putting the chips in Ante circle. If you feel lucky today, you can put your chip in progressive jackpot circle. If you satisfied with your bet, you can move on and start the game by clicking the Deal button.

After you click Deal button, you will be given five cards in front of you and five cards dealt out in front of the house. One of the cards is face up while the other four cards is face down. The game will automatically show you of the kind of hand you have. You can decide whether you stay in the game or fold by analyzing the hands you get that the game gave you. If you do not want taking a risk, you can fold and forfeit your bet from Ante circle or progressive jackpot circle. If you want to stay in the game, you have to willing to double out your bet. When you have made a decision, the house will see his cards. If he does not have at least a King or an Ace, then the player will win all the money in Ante circle and any additional bet will be returned to player. If he has the cards then he will compare your hand and his hand. If you have higher hand, it means you win the money in Ante circle and any additional bet. If you have lower hand, then you will lose all your money in Ante circle and any additional bet. If your hand and dealer’s hand are the same value, then a push will happen.

What about the Progressive Jackpot?

Whether you get full amount or only small portion of the progressive jackpot is depending on the kind of your hand that you got. So as long as you place the bet in progressive jackpot circle, you have the chance to win jackpot. If you have Royal Flush which means you have Ace, King and Queen, you will get full amount jackpot. If you have hand of Straight Flush with an Ace as the highest or the lowest in sequence you will get 2500 coins. If you have Four of a kind hand you will get 250 coins. Full House hand will bring you 100 coins. 25 coins if you have a Flush, 10 coins if you have a Straight. While Three of a kind only bring you 5 coins.


There is no strategy to win this game. This is straightforward game that is why it depends on your pure instinct to gamble. It is just simple game. You only have to take the risk of guessing card you got whether it is higher hand than dealer’s hand or not. If you like card table game with relatively low tense, then Caribbean Poker can be your choice for gambling game online.

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